Hey this will be a quick DIY ad blocker guide. They are incredibly simple to make and they can be a great project to understand how your browser responds/requests data.


First we will need to create a manifest.json file if you are making this project from scratch. Manifest files are just headers that hold details about the current project. The only two key that are required are “permissions” and the “background”. The rest can just be personal information. Here is my manifest for example.

"permissions":[ "webRequest", "webRequestBlocker", "<all_urls>"] => We want to give permissions to chrome webRequest API, and then…

Iframes, written in HTML as “<iframe>”, is a great resource for holding and displaying images. Anything from an intractable map pulled from an API or other HTML code itself to be render. This article will show you the latter, it gets pretty meta so let’s take a look.

Setting up iframe tag

First we will take look at the iframe and its attributes. There are many important ones but for the purpose of this article we will inspect the srcdoc attribute. The srcdoc is where we will store all our HTML code to be displayed in the iframe.

The srcdoc code looks very similar…

Define “this”

Simply put “this” is a JavaScript keyword that always refers to an object, the object can vary depending on how the object invokes a function. “This” will always reference an object and if it is called on a function held in the global scope, then that reference’s value will be the ‘window’ object.

function print() {
print() // Window {window: Window, self: Window, document: document, name: "", location: Location, …}

Simple function that logs “this”. …

GitHub Logo

What is GitHub, Whats a Git?

GitHub is a cloud based code hosting service, it allows programmers to collaborate and manage projects at anytime. GitHub does this through the use of Git repositories, a collection of source code states archived at the request of the user(s). With options to clone or fork these repositories it makes it extremely easy to examine the source code, make adjustments and then upload the source code again. It has revolutionized the industry and has given developers of all levels a place to share projects. Theres a reason Microsoft acquired the company for $7.5 …

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